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Our leather is the highest quality that you will find anywhere. This ensures you get a long-lasting product that looks good and you can hand down for generations.

Our products come in a variety of leathers including cowhide, full-grain leather, Italian calfskin, alligator, python, cobra, and ostrich. Each pattern and product is completely one-of-a-kind.

We are animal lovers and believe in the ethical and sustainable sourcing of animal skins. That’s why every skin we use are byproducts of the food industry. Why is this important? Because it ensures we are using every part of the animal unlike many big-box retailers that get their leather from animals harvested primarily for their skins. We thoroughly vet our sources to make sure each animal skin comes from farms that really care about their animals and that treat each animal humanely.

The Leatherpedia


Cowhide is the natural skin from an older adult cow with longer hair. It retains its original color, unique markings, and no two patterns are the same. It is super durable and extremely soft. 

Black and white cowhide
Spotted cowhide


Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather. It is very tight making it ideal for the elements and resisting moisture. Full-grain leather ages beautifully as it absorbs the natural oils from your skin and other elements of the environment... one reason people love it.

Dark brown full grain leather
Walnut full grain leather


Python skin is a super flexible, high-luxury material that has a truly unique, one-of-a-kind pattern. The natural markings of the python are highly recognizable,  authentic, and distinguishable. The texture is very smooth and elegant.

Yellow Python
Purple Python


American alligator skin is extremely soft and comes from the belly of the alligator which is one of the most sought after, expensive skins on the market. You may not realize this, but alligator skin is incredibly flexible. Yet, its extremely durable making it the ideal leather to work with.

American alligator skin


Ostrich leather is extremely luxurious and known for its incredibly soft feel and exotic pattern of bumps which are vacant quill follicles. Because of this, ostrich leather requires a master craftsman to handle the leather and produce the finished products. Luckily, our head leather-maker has 35 years' experience and is the one who handles all of our exotics.

Ostrich skin