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The Boozie Chiapas Dog Collar

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Boozie is actually the founder’s dog, a 11-year-old Vizsla who follows him on every journey around the world. He is a big fan of the vibrant traditional Mexican Chiapas patterns... so we had to make him his own line of collars.


Colorful Chiapas dog collar


The Chiapas Boozie Collar is a handmade, cloth belt with leather clasps and a dozen bright colors woven into an intricate pattern. The people of Chiapas are known for their handcrafts and textiles and often learn how to sew and embroider before they learn how to speak Spanish. The belts are handmade from women from villages throughout the state of Chiapas in Southern Mexico. We buy the belts directly from them and turn them into dog collars.


It comes in 4 color groups:  SURF (Blues) / HIBISCUS (Pinks) / SUNRISE (Yellows) / WOOD (Browns)




Each collar is handwoven and 100% unique, therefore collars within each color group vary greatly in color and patterns.

It comes in many sizes to fit your pug, Vizsla, or German Shepherd.


Get the full Boozie look with our dog leash.


  • Measurements: Chiapas width: 1'' - 2''
  • Sizes: XS 17.5' S 19’ - M 20.5’ - L 22’ - XL 24’
  • Weight: 2oz


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