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Where did the name Boozie and Co come from? I'll tell you...Boozie is actually the founder’s dog, a 13 year old Vizsla who follows him on every journey around the world. So there was no doubt he should give his name to the brand!

Brandon, Boozie and Co's founder, spends his time between Mexico and the US, traveling, surfing, creating and selling bags using the finest of materials and leathers.



Boozie & Co. spends a lot of time with local suppliers sourcing the best leather. Every skin is unique, with its own pattern and color and every bag is handmade by our team of artisans, assembled and stitched with love. Our bags come in pure leather, cowhide, canvas, snakeskin, alligator and ostrich.



We desire to create products that are great for everyday use yet head-turning. Our designs and styles are inspired by traditional Mexican culture and the hard-working people of Guanajuato, Mexico (where our shop is located) who have been making leather their entire lives.

We believe in making products that will last a lifetime (and more) and that will be passed down for generations.



Our commitment to handmade craftsmanship means that no two bags are alike. Full-grain leather shades vary, showcasing individual character, and cowhide patterns are truly unique. While we strive to match online colors accurately, embrace the inherent variations that make your bag one of a kind

 We use premium thread, high-end hardware, and YKK zippers.



Every bag and accessory is made in one of three small shops in Guanajuato, Mexico, by people that have been working with leather their entire life. They are the kindest and gentlest people you’ll ever meet.

Our head leather maker has been working with leather for 35 years and has a protégé that he is passing along all the secrets of the trade who has worked under him for 10 years.

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Guanajuato is a silver mining city in central Mexico. It has beautiful colonial architecture and narrow streets & alleyways epitomized by the Callejón del Beso (Alley of the Kiss), named like this because the exterior balconies are close enough for people to exchange a kiss.

In Guanajuato, each of our products is crafted with love and care by truly skilled artisans and will last you a lifetime… 


The process of crafting a leather bag is a blend of traditional craftsmanship, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail, aligning seamlessly with Boozie & Co.'s philosophy.


  • Create a detailed design, considering the style, dimensions, pockets, hardware, lining, etc.


  • Choose the type of leather based on the design. This may include options such as full-grain leather, cowhide, hand-dyed Italian calfskin, snakeskin, alligator, or ostrich.


  • Cut the leather into pieces according to the design and pattern. Each bag may require multiple pieces that will later be assembled.


  • Assemble the different leather pieces according to the design. This involves precise stitching, either by hand or machine, depending on the desired style and complexity.


  • Stitch the leather pieces together to form the structure of the bag. This step requires attention to detail to ensure durability and a clean finish.


  • Apply finishing touches to the bag, such as smoothing out seams, patinating the leather, and adding any additional details like zippers, buttons, or other accessories.


  • Conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that the bag meets the standards for quality, aesthetics, and durability.


  • Perform a final inspection to ensure that the bag meets all design specifications and quality standards.